Quality Products Specially for You

We recognize the needs of our customers and combine these findings with the latest scientific developments. Then, our team of doctors, PhDs, scientists and nutritionists works together with leading partners from around the world to provide top nutrition products to our clients.

Herbalife Nutrition has invested heavily in facilities such as new laboratories and laboratory testing equipment, quality ingredients and scientific staff to fully meet the stringent standards set by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the Food Safety Agency. USA (NSF International).

Our goal is to promote, through our products, a balanced and healthy diet and an active lifestyle and to turn a balanced diet into a simple affair. To achieve this goal, we have chosen to invest in science.

Our Scientific Staff (including David Heber, Ph.D., Chairman of the Herbalife Nutrition Nutrition Advisory Committee) has dedicated the last three decades to the creation of high quality, calorie-controlled products to simplify its creation and maintenance. your new eating plan.

From Nobel Laureate * Lou Ignarro to former Director of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) **, Vasilios Frankos, every member of the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board is a leader in its field. By combining their expertise, they work to help you trust our products and ensure that the science behind their creation is substantiated by scientific literature and clinical studies.

* The Nobel Foundation is not affiliated with Herbalife Nutrition and does not evaluate, approve or endorse Herbalife Nutrition products.

** US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)