The human body is made up of 60% water, and most chemical reactions in the body require water to carry them out. The body not only uses water to transport nutrients to cells and get rid of waste, but it also needs it to control body temperature and lubricate joints, organs and tissues.

In addition, most of the organism's chemical reactions are also carried out in water. Inadequate fluid intake can lead to negative results, so to maintain normal physical and mental function try to take the recommended amount of fluid, ie about 2 liters a day.

Ideally, this will result from water, but drinks such as fruit juices and herbal drinks also count on your daily intake of fluids. It is noteworthy that high-water foods also help to hydrate you.

Make sure you increase your fluid intake during exercise or hot weather to replace the fluid loss you have by sweating.


Concentrated Aloe Juice 473ml

A tasty, low-calorie aloe juice to help you stay hydrated. Available in classic and mango flavors, it contains no sugar and artificial colors and flavors.

Instant Herbal Drink

A refreshing herbal drink containing 25mg of caffeine * per 100ml of product to help you increase your concentration whenever you need it. With a few calories and green and black tea extracts, you can enjoy it hot or cold. Available in 4 flavors (classic, lemon, raspberry and peach)

* It is recommended not to exceed the daily intake of 400mg of caffeine from all sources (200mg for pregnant or lactating women).