Commitment to Quality

At Herbalife Nutrition our first priority is the quality of our products. This is the focus of all our activities.

The creation of Herbalife Nutrition's products is the result of scientific research by a team of more than 300 physicians and specialized scientists, assisted by the valuable contribution of the Herbalife Nutrition Nutrition Advisory Committee, made up of 25 leading scientists worldwide.

In addition, we have invested more than $ 300 million in production and quality assurance programs to ensure the highest quality of our products.

Suppliers and raw materials used in Herbalife Nutrition products go through rigorous internal quality controls to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Herbalife Nutrition's quality control systems go far beyond our industry standards, and we continually test our products through a completely consistent protocol to ensure that products comply not only with our own standards but also with our own standards. the security rules of all governments.

We firmly believe in our company's quality control program, so all product testing protocols are certified by independent ISO 17025 and NSF quality certification bodies.