Want to step it up a notch? Are you following the Fit to Fitter program? Then why not support your nutrition programme with one of the Sports & Fitness bundles.

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The products are brought together as a Sports & Fitness Ideal Bundle. They assist in endurance performance, improve your hydration during intense exercise, delivers protein to tired muscles and helps to grow and maintain muscle mass.

The pack contains:

  • F1 is a tasty and healthy meal replacement that you prepare in seconds, providing you with full balance, high quality protein, good carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements and edible fibers. 
  • Protein Drink PDM. Many people avoid using milk, and Herbalife's PDM Protein Drink offers a solution of making your favorite Formula 1 drink with water to achieve a creamy effect. 
  • Rebuild Strength is a sustained muscle building sports drink.